Scientific Exercise Training Team

Our goal is to introduce you to our team, share exercise theory and practice that you can apply to your current routine, and assist you in reaching your potential as an individual. Whether that entails you stepping on stage for the first time, losing fat, gaining muscle, improving flexibility, or simply maintaining your current results; one of our team members will be enthusiastic to help. We are SCIENTIFIC EXERCISE TRAINING which means that our approach and nutritional programs are tried and true without the hype and empty promises that you see too often in this industry. When an individual hires one of our team members they get the knowledge and support of the entire team put to work for them.  After numerous years of competing, judging and promoting within the bodybuilding world, we have developed many proven contest preparation programs, which have yielded success for many competitors and those who have lost their competitive edge on life.

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September 6th NPC Natural Circle City Championships

NPC-CCCPrint2014.inddCircle City Entry

 Our training and diet programs appeal to all ages and fitness levels because we have a fundamental set of values that enbrace for every aspect of the program.

  • Discipline: This can also be named “DESIRE!” Mental and physical discipline is where it starts in every realm. Our athletes do not complain about their energy being low for attention, they do not miss meals, miss workouts, make excuses, whine, complain or do anything else negative. They win gracefully and exert the emotional discipline to remain positive if they don’t win.
  • Execution: This is where it all starts. You can have the best diet and training program in the state; if it is not executed FLAWLESSLY then you are not on any plan at all. Those that fail to follow the plan; plan to fail. Our plan works 100% of the time. Our champions execute it flawlessly from square one; day in and day out they never cheat, never miss the grams, always give 100% effort.
  • Accountability: We produce results; we produce top 5 placings. SETT produces winners! We are professional with our clients at all times holding our athletes to a very high standard, we expect nothing less than their best. Our athletes represent the team in their actions, results, and positive attitude toward the sport. We do not expect anything more from our athletes than what we give them and HAVE DONE OURSELVES. We hold our athletes positively accountable by providing as much media exposure as possible. We have created an environment that is supportive and encouraging but also offers constructive feedback for those who are not putting in their very best effort to be successful in the program.




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